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I have launched my instance 11 months ago, and this was my first post on this microblog.

I have chosen my words well!

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Having finished my paper on corporate type in a specific context, I wonder if one single person can do it, in a year or less?

Corporate type, not my paper.

I seem to remember my confusion about books not being written/printed by hand, but instead with types.

As I look at these words, an echo of that same confusion seems to come back to me:
how are these words my own? And why? Are they yours? How do they sound with your voice, to you? How would they look written down by your hand? Would they look like mine?

Work by kid37, about the first Victorian travel to the moon, called Space 1887

Are you interested in design feeds and podcasts?
Here are some direct links you can put straight into your feed readers, curated by me:
For design feeds -
For design podcasts -
Spread it around, use it yourself to build your own, or explore and search for what interests you (I do that a lot lately)
Build your own stuff has always felt right

Technische Updates zum Feedhub zum Thema Visuelle Kommunikation (ehemals Grafikdesign) unter

Da seit einigen Monaten DGTF mit ihrer neuen Website keinen RSS-Feed mehr anbieten, sowie der Podcast Graustufen und das Fakultätsmagazin der Fakultät für Gestaltung der Hochschule Mannheim nicht mehr erreichbar sind, hab ich sie unter Fehlende Quellen kategorisiert.
Ebenfalls neu ist die Kategorie Drafts, in der noch zu prüfende Feeds zu finden sind.
Persistence is key

To me, Mastodon is like hanging out with neighbours and friends, some fences, some bbqs, more casual.
Twitter is my “conversation bar” or “shop bar” (borrowing from the idea of “listening bars”) where I go to to read what’s going on in my field of expertise.
Instagram is a pop-up exhibition space after Danto (“why is art?”).
It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone, it just needs to make sense to me, so I can make use of it.
What’s the architecture or geography of your socials, neighbour?

Social media is like glue: in the right hands it’s great for crafting things from materials, for sticking people together, too!
But of course there are people who huff it.

Social media is dead, there is only addiction.

I quit social media.

Taking a break from social media in favour of myself

The commentary "The Infinite Art Scenario" by David OReilly - world-renowned animator, designer and game developer - is a valuable contribution to the discussion about and

Life seems to be a way of making more of itself, whatever this "it" may be.

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My computer proliferates itself, there are copies of it, parts and whole, existing elsewhere, outside of the confines of its dark and sleek exterior.
It is simply the front-facing part of the whole computer which I interface with, hiding its real dimensionality from me.

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