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Social media is like glue: in the right hands it’s great for crafting things from materials, for sticking people together, too!
But of course there are people who huff it.

Social media is dead, there is only addiction.

I quit social media.

Taking a break from social media in favour of myself

The commentary "The Infinite Art Scenario" by David OReilly - world-renowned animator, designer and game developer - is a valuable contribution to the discussion about and

Life seems to be a way of making more of itself, whatever this "it" may be.

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My computer proliferates itself, there are copies of it, parts and whole, existing elsewhere, outside of the confines of its dark and sleek exterior.
It is simply the front-facing part of the whole computer which I interface with, hiding its real dimensionality from me.

@Nietzsxhe Alles Gute zum Tag der ! Auf dass wir mutig und hoffnungsvoll sind

Upping my personal knowledge management game by reading Maeda's Simplicity, and Ahrens' Das Zettelkastenprinzip.

Time to party with reading manuals for my devices.

There are two types of friends, related to technology:

the second type is the type you tell about some tech, which you then have to kiss goodbye to a few months later, because it becomes unusable.

Man kann einander beobachten und seine transaktionalen Spiele spielen, und reagieren und reagieren und reagieren.

Man kann aber auch seinen Laptopbildschirm kalibrieren, weil man das geil findet, und mit diesem Status andere, die das auch geil finden, wissen lassen, dass man jemand ist, der es geil findet, seinen Laptopbildschirm zu kalibrieren und es andere wissen zu lassen, die das geil finden.

This book was published in 2020, so yeah, keep your identical eggs in many baskets

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Started studying the Atlas of Digital Architecture, and by chapter 01, I ran into the first problem: everything not saved will be deleted forever.

In this case, I had to surf for Weisberg's "The Engineering Design Revolution" because the hosting website went kaputt.

In case you are in the same boat, the file mirrors with designworldonline, and pdfcoffee in their url, respectively are good alternatives

I think Plato and Wittgenstein were philosophers. I'm not convinced anyone else was or is.
Too many people treat excellence of expertise like an umbrella under which they confusedly believe to stand under, because their theory of mind fails where it counts: imagination. So they imagine themselves philosophers, much in the same way they fancy themselves therapists when they attend therapy for their own betterment, because they think that they understand what they can read and vice versa.

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