A very similar process could be viable for my , following something like drwho.virtadpt.net/archive/201 but I want to keep my mastodon distinct from my twitter, for good reason.

This is as close to being open on the internet as a can get: talking shop in a casual manner.

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Working in the background on my automation. Sadly, the first experiment didn't work, so I suspect a more in-depth experimentation and learning session about how works is in order, somewhere further down the line.

Until then, I am sending my rss feed items from freshrss.mariobreskic.de/ to a .it queue to be posted to my twitter account.

@kid37 Vielleicht findet sich ja etwas Zeit, „Wir Internetkinder“ zu lesen.

Thesis letzten Freitag abgegeben!

Hoffen wir mal auf das Beste :)

I am one step closer to passing my bachelor's degree.

I have created a system of infrastructural inspiration which keeps me on the edge of graphic deisgn and visual communication design (just take a look at freshrss.mariobreskic.de/i/ isn't that something?).

I am improving my skills in marketing as well.

2022 has been a good year. Now I have to finish my thesis in the coming days and then on to the next thing.

Wish me all the luck you can spare. A fave will do <3

They can have my likes, but they have to fight me for my reposts!

@Ailantd If you are good at something, never do it for free, is what I am saying.

Don't give away your works to be paid in what in other cases would be called mere exposure.

My solution for artists and designers is that they should consider their portfolios like they would consider other presentations as well or get in contact with an art director, which is most likely always a good idea.

@Ailantd I find it inspiring to be able to have shop talks using this interface, relative privacy and all that, so I think that artists and designers uploading what amounts to the straight exports of their works is detrimental to their both values.

I believe that the idea of a public-facing, high-rez, hi-fidelity portfolio is stupid in itself, and NEVER benefits artists and designers in general.

It benefits few, who in turn make the idea popular.

In my experience, people rarely agree to discuss a topic just because one party or person wants to discuss that topic, and I don’t blame them when they want to cut it down to straight disagreeing, hence murdering the discussion for the sake of their peace of mind.
“Hey, facial recog sys is really fucked, chum.”
While being mentally somewhere else: “Get outta my face, not hiding anything.”

@falcaolucas I remember you two from an article about you, in the PAGE magazine, I think. How are you these days?

@z428 Man ist nicht nur das, was da spricht und auch nicht nur das, was da sprechen will, aber übertönt wird, finde ich, als Gesellschaft aus Geist.

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