Follow-up: the Combos now come in two output flavours, the usual unicode, and the new html entities. It came to me before I fell asleep to try and match the entities in html as well.

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Further progress: I have come across an extended keyboard layout for german Windows keyboards, called E1, and E2 respectively, and it is halfway between what I have achieved with Beeftext combos, and making my combos obsolete.

Safe installer from here:
Reboot needed. After that you can switch between the layouts like you would be switching between input languages.
For comparison, my combos here:

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Going through the untagged entries in my bookmarks from the last two days, especially the ones focussed on my text expander combos for , but also trying to get rid of the other, older untagged ones. See screenshot for stalking fun!

This is what I am working with now, in Beeftext. Sadly, adding favorites in the Windows Emoji modal window is not supported (yet) so that you can store glyphs you use frequently, hence the workaround with prefixing a g as a trigger.

Will export these settings to my github next so that no one else has to reinvent this ever again.

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I'm looking at a seed pouch, a garden, and a compost here, quite literally

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Experimenting with using buffer as a scheduler and I am not really 100% on if this will be formatted and posted as a reply to a thread, so here goes.

Weekend PL Week 15 Best of

Also, as a fun bonus, people here will get to see the best of playlists a day before they are bing posted to LinkedIn and Tumblr, because I appreciate my ham radio-mastodon people quite a lot

Ab heute kann man Artikel direkt von aus teilen!

Ideal wäre eine Art zitierfertige Sache, aber ich denke, dass sich da jeder schon zu helfen weiß!

Context here:

So, essentially a solution to this issue is to rebuild the linked-to content in a way that sticks to the categories provided on and make it available, in a way, as a secondary-secondary reading material.

I think I'll put this somewhere avoiding the onus of laws, maybe pinterest? How about the Can I build a system of categories within categories there, since all I will do is to link to archives there?

There are some bangers in this week's best of playlist. Among others, a really dope video called “You Will Enjoy the Brand Completely Differently with the Letters”, see more here: via @atypi

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A week later, a new weekend playlist put together by me manually adding the suggestions made by profane algorithms today!
Welcome to my lab!

Actually rather cool this time around too, a lot of stuff was going on's Youtbe which I look forward to checking out.

Best of this playlist in at least 24 hours from now! This is fun, like building a digital.. thing

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Youtube scheint etwas ganz anderes zu sein, als alle anderen Webseiten, die unter Social Media fallen. Mir fällt es zusehends schwerer, zu begreifen, was Youtube eigentlich ist.

Das ist wie mit Platon und den nachfolgenden Philosophen.

I am currently running a poll over at my Twitter, care to think about what you do and cast your own vote?

When you find a cool account anyhwere, after you have decided that yes, it is indeed a cool account, do you next check out..

But I think I will do one here as well if you want to help me spread it around your fediverse that would be cool. I really would like to know

Current Sublime Text choices:

Github Color Theme theme
Comic Mono font (which you should check out more about here and here and here

I am done with Dark Mode everywhere, it is such a bad design choice to work in dark mode regardless of what you are working ON, especially using Social Media.

Technische Updates zum Feedhub zum Thema Visuelle Kommunikation (ehemals Grafikdesign) unter

Da seit einigen Monaten DGTF mit ihrer neuen Website keinen RSS-Feed mehr anbieten, sowie der Podcast Graustufen und das Fakultätsmagazin der Fakultät für Gestaltung der Hochschule Mannheim nicht mehr erreichbar sind, hab ich sie unter Fehlende Quellen kategorisiert.
Ebenfalls neu ist die Kategorie Drafts, in der noch zu prüfende Feeds zu finden sind.
Persistence is key

uBlacklist by iorate worked nicely to free myself from samey trash collectors

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Private Mastodon-Instanz von mir, Mario Breskic, wo man mir dabei zuschauen kann, was ich gerade so tue.