I think I'm going to get an iPhone.........
Idk why I feel so weird about this, I think I have just conditioned myself to hate Apple no matter what.
The new iPhones look pretty nice though and Verizon is basically giving them away.

@arctic Do what you feel like.
There's this current running through, like electricity, from person to person, which turns people into repetition automata.
You can see that happening around you and sometimes even happening to yourself, if you can notice that, that people repeat, like parrots, what they have heard or read on some topic.
Usually that happens when we know little of the topics, or when we are unaware that we've already made up our minds on something.


@arctic In short: live your own life. Ideally, you will never have trouble with people who want to make demands of others.
Apple makes great devices, and the software they exclusively offer is always interesting. Forget the conditioning, there's no pleasing said people, because they are wound too tight.

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