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A very similar process could be viable for my , following something like but I want to keep my mastodon distinct from my twitter, for good reason.

This is as close to being open on the internet as a can get: talking shop in a casual manner.

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Working in the background on my automation. Sadly, the first experiment didn't work, so I suspect a more in-depth experimentation and learning session about how works is in order, somewhere further down the line.

Until then, I am sending my rss feed items from to a .it queue to be posted to my twitter account.

Thesis letzten Freitag abgegeben!

Hoffen wir mal auf das Beste :)

I am one step closer to passing my bachelor's degree.

I have created a system of infrastructural inspiration which keeps me on the edge of graphic deisgn and visual communication design (just take a look at isn't that something?).

I am improving my skills in marketing as well.

2022 has been a good year. Now I have to finish my thesis in the coming days and then on to the next thing.

Wish me all the luck you can spare. A fave will do <3

They can have my likes, but they have to fight me for my reposts!

Seit heute Mittag erwarten meine Sinne dich, an Türrahmen und beim versehentlichen Stoßen an Kissen, doch da ist nur eine Lücke von dir in mir.

I really like mastodon. I have been running my instance for close to a year now, and I have seen a lot of interesting things and remarkable thoughts.

The present is wild.

Fixed my wallabag from going offline and having to manually bring it back

I expect to hear much less often from my huginn telegram bot monitoring my web services for errors

I just realized that I can filter content, aka mute posts containing certain words!

I have launched my instance 11 months ago, and this was my first post on this microblog.

I have chosen my words well!

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Having finished my paper on corporate type in a specific context, I wonder if one single person can do it, in a year or less?

Corporate type, not my paper.

I seem to remember my confusion about books not being written/printed by hand, but instead with types.

As I look at these words, an echo of that same confusion seems to come back to me:
how are these words my own? And why? Are they yours? How do they sound with your voice, to you? How would they look written down by your hand? Would they look like mine?

Work by kid37, about the first Victorian travel to the moon, called Space 1887

Are you interested in design feeds and podcasts?
Here are some direct links you can put straight into your feed readers, curated by me:
For design feeds -
For design podcasts -
Spread it around, use it yourself to build your own, or explore and search for what interests you (I do that a lot lately)
Build your own stuff has always felt right

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