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Starting a thread here for the Playlists. This post is an index for that. All playlists will appear beneath this post.

🚭 Celebrating #WorldNoTobaccoDay! Smoke-free for over 4 years after smoking for more than 20! 💪 Sharing our digital animation, "Second Hand Smoking," to raise awareness. Let's inspire others to kick the habit and prioritize their health. Together, we can breathe freely! 🌬️💙 #SmokeFreeJourney
#digitalart #art #MastoArt

#Octopus erweitert InDesign um nützliche Zusatzfunktionen, kostenlos. Die Entwickler sind selbst Anwender und haben jahrelange Erfahrung im #Script⁠ing, im Umgang mit #InDesign und in der Entwicklung von Automatisierungslösungen.
#InDesignScript #AdobeInDesign

an inhuman future where things exist in our ruin, our destroyed world, creatures whose superiority to us they celebrate by not building, not bearing, not creating themselves, but who always destroy, even each other, seemingly with joy.
i find my spirit embodying such an empty creature, and i feel how aloof it is, recalling its ethics and morals as almost incomprehensible to my now waking mind, but only almost.
these beings are our descendants if everything goes wrong. if we fall to war.

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their singular purpose shared with all weapons: to maim and murder those who live, who love; to kill the beauty of life, to kill us.
our escape is only temporary, the automata are everywhere, crude mockeries of our bipedal forms, built by hands who have betrayed life to war. and we die.
we die, being clinged to and cleaved by these replacement soldiers, these bombs who hold onto us and just explode. i die. further visions of a more distant future: roads nobody travels, death fields, no love

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i woke from visions of the old enemy war spreading its influence of death on life further across our beloved europe.
impressions of being refugees, seeing embedded reporters among resistance. fleeing from anonymous and automated destruction, explosions, fire and smoke on green fields of grass next to autobahnen, in broad daylight.
Fleeing, always fleeing alongside those who want to protect us, our beloveds, together ever lessening in numbers. and then unliving things found us: death automata.

Devoid of oppressive social internetworks, the tender power of progressive Morse code via independent wireless transmission across universal radio frequencies; the expansive mode of Continuous Wave.
Includes send/receive Morse assistance diagram.
Available at

Neu in meinem Wiki: Quadplay

Quadplay✜ ist eine Fantasiekonsole, um plattformübergreifende Spiele im Retro-Stil zu entwickeln. Quadplay-Spiele können sowohl online im Browser wie auch lokal auf den Desktop unter Windows, macOS und Linux entwickelt werden. #Quadplay #Retrogaming #Fantasiekonsole #GameDev

i am looking for websites which use mapbox (or some other map tiling library) for a creative purpose outside of geographical IRL maps – similar to
does anyone have more examples or knows how/where to search for such projects? 🔍 🔍 🔍

It took me a little more than fourty years to realise that I know nothing

I wonder how working with the two kinds of books will work out, especially when it comes to note-taking.

I wonder if keeping digital ones within Notability will work out in such a way that what I find noteworthy will find its way into my new Zettelkasten system. Then again, I’ll see how working with print books will work out in 2023, too

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Continuing with working on my edge by recapitulating my study material and literature references. Things are clicking together, I am taking note of that.

Undoing all of my blocks on instagram just illustrates the amount of time spent on doing that, instead of, well, not using the thing when I don’t need to post anything.

Others just scroll, I am the same, but instead of scrolling, I look for things to block.

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I was going about social media wrong, so I am removing all blocks and filters on my end, allowing things to just be.

At the end of the day, I realise that putting in this kind of work, of adding blocks and filters, only creates a setting of disquiet, which ironically simply increases the time spent on things I would rather not spend time on.

Everything is a privilege, nothing is a right, aside from the Grundgesetz of course

I am a graphic designer with a deep interest in graphic design. I will forever enjoy being this, a craftsman and scholar.

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The idea of enlightenment is to not only strive to progress towards it, but to leave some hints and stepping stones and landmarks behind for others.

After having completed every lecture in my graphic design study, Iʼve finally given in to the desire to revisit and recapitulate everything. I am teaching myself to not think about time spent on something, but about valuing what I do. How much time do I need per lecture? How many books will I read? These questions do not concern me anymore.

“It can do many things. And it can do many things not. Yet.”
@justvanrossum about Fontra

“Bernadette Mayer recording Wednesday night reading by Elio Schneeman and Rebecca Wright on January 28, 1981. Still from ‘New York Poetry Project’ episode of Swiss TV show ‘Schauplatz’, aired February 9, 1982. From: Nick Sturm, Swiss TV Documents The Poetry Project, August 7, 2020”

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Private Mastodon-Instanz von mir, Mario Breskic, wo man mir dabei zuschauen kann, was ich gerade so tue.